Welcome and Bienvenidos a “El Gato Fang”!

Today, Inky Pig Press announces the publication of El Gato Fang – the Spanish edition of Fang the Cat!  A little bit about Fang….

“Fang tiene un colmillo largo y blanco, pero él es, de todas maneras, un gato típico.  Fang y sus amigos pasan sus días en un hogar perfecto, hasta que un día algo inesperado ocurre.  Afortunadamente, Fang es un gato muy pensativo y considerado.”

You can see an overview of El Gato Fang at:   http://fangthecat.com/index_esp.html

Both the English and Spanish versions are available in printed and Kindle formats.

We have been so pleased with the reception of Fang the Cat at San Diego area school readings.  Dave has enjoyed reading the book at South Oceanside Elementary, and at Alice Birney Elementary.  The children enjoy hearing how Dave came up with the story of Fang one day by telling it to his son when he was growing up.  He later illustrated the story using his own whimsical style.

So what else is in store for Inky Pig Press?  We have more school readings and author presentations coming up early next year.  Plus, we are busy working on the next adventure for Fang.  Since Fang is a typical cat, he adores his house, but he loves going outside as well. Fang will venture into the garden, and see what Inky the guinea pig is up to.  It promises to be lots of fun.

Happy Reading!


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