Fang’s Garden Adventure


It’s finally here!  Inky Pig Press announces its latest children’s book in the Fang the Cat series:  Fang’s Garden Adventure.  Fang had his last adventure inside the potter’s house, and now he’s exploring the neighbor’s garden and making a new friend along the way.  As always, Fang’s thoughtfulness and “catness” guide him in his new outdoor adventure.  There’s a lot of action in the garden if you just have the patience to observe and enjoy the interactions of the plants and animals…..until along comes the surprise!

Fang’s Garden Adventure is available at both the Inky Pig Press website and  Just go to Inky Pig Press for ordering details.


Fang’s Summer Vacation

School is starting, and here at Inky Pig Press we can assure you that Fang and his friends had a wonderful summer vacation.   In fact, Fang has so much to tell about his summer adventure that he has a new story coming out shortly called Fang’s Garden Adventure.  There’s a lot going on out in the garden, and it’s all there to see for those who have the patience and the time to observe all the lively action, just like Fang.  Along with Small, Fang meets a new friend in the garden next door, and once again he is challenged to be the very thoughtful cat that he is.

Fang’s Garden Adventure will be available soon on in late 2012.

Fang’s Next Appearance

Inky Pig Press was very busy during February sharing Fang the Cat at several local schools.  Many children at Salt Creek Elementary in Chula Vista were interested in El Gato Fang for reading on their own.  Dave presented his author reading and book talk of Fang the Cat.   He was very impressed with the Spanish and English language skills of the children in the dual language immersion program, and how the teachers and students interact using the two languages.

So what’s new and exciting at Inky Pig Press?  We are thick in the creation of Fang’s next appearance in our second book in the Fang the Cat series.  I’m not going to give too much away, but Fang will be leaving the confines of his house to have an adventure outdoors.  Of course, his buddy Small will also come along, and although Bubbles wishes he could also join in, his goldfish bowl just won’t cooperate.  We introduce a new character you are sure to like, and a glorious setting full of the rich wonders of our natural world.  Please stay tuned….

Fang goes to school, and the library, too!

Inky Pig Press has a busy February lined up with several more school readings for Fang the Cat.  Dave will be reading and giving an author’s presentation at Palmquist and Del Rio Elementary schools in Oceanside.  Also coming up in February are visits to The Academy Learning Center in Solana Beach and Salt Creek Elementary in Chula Vista.

Inky Pig Press will also be participating in the San Diego Public Library’s 2011 Local Author Exhibit at the central library location during February.  Both Fang the Cat and El Gato Fang will be on display at the library exhibit, along with many other books published by local San Diego authors in 2011.


Welcome and Bienvenidos a “El Gato Fang”!

Today, Inky Pig Press announces the publication of El Gato Fang – the Spanish edition of Fang the Cat!  A little bit about Fang….

“Fang tiene un colmillo largo y blanco, pero él es, de todas maneras, un gato típico.  Fang y sus amigos pasan sus días en un hogar perfecto, hasta que un día algo inesperado ocurre.  Afortunadamente, Fang es un gato muy pensativo y considerado.”

You can see an overview of El Gato Fang at:

Both the English and Spanish versions are available in printed and Kindle formats.

We have been so pleased with the reception of Fang the Cat at San Diego area school readings.  Dave has enjoyed reading the book at South Oceanside Elementary, and at Alice Birney Elementary.  The children enjoy hearing how Dave came up with the story of Fang one day by telling it to his son when he was growing up.  He later illustrated the story using his own whimsical style.

So what else is in store for Inky Pig Press?  We have more school readings and author presentations coming up early next year.  Plus, we are busy working on the next adventure for Fang.  Since Fang is a typical cat, he adores his house, but he loves going outside as well. Fang will venture into the garden, and see what Inky the guinea pig is up to.  It promises to be lots of fun.

Happy Reading!

El Gato Fang

We are about ready to launch availability of El Gato Fang, our first storybook translated into Spanish. Our picture book Fang the Cat has been well received by kindergartners, first graders, and second graders (on up!) at Dave’s author readings at local elementary schools. El Gato Fang is a natural next step! El Gato Fang can be used in conjunction with Fang the Cat for bilingual presentations, to supplement the book collections in bilingual classrooms, or simply as a fun story for those learning Spanish as a foreign language.

Fang the Cat kicks off!

At Inky Pig Press we are excited about the fun kickoff activities over the past couple of months for our new children’s story Fang the Cat. We had an author reading and book signing event in early October at South Oceanside Elementary school. The children enjoyed the story, and had lots of interesting questions about Fang, Small, Bubbles, and of course about Dave, the author. Dave shared his own story about how he came up with the idea for Fang, and how he illustrated the story. Feedback from the students has it that Fang is a “cool” cat.

We have a couple more school reading events coming up in November in both Oceanside and San Diego, and we are looking forward to sharing the joy of reading and fun pictures with the students.